A night of Stars and great ballet

For those passionate about ballet, a Gala is an incredibly exciting event.
These followers go to see their stars for their virtuosity, their charisma, and the sheer excitement of being part of such a breathtaking experience.
For those who have only recently entered this world, a gala offers an overview of the most beautiful ballets of the 19th and 20th century repertoire just in one evening.
Excitement and delight grow when a gala is created by Roberto Bolle and the stars who gather around him.
Roberto has proved to be the only dancer able to successfully produce such an event carrying his own name.
He trained at La Scala Ballet School and his brilliant carrier took off immediately following his entry into the company along with invites to the most important theatres in the world.
The attention Roberto has received from the Media and his presence as guest star at the greatest international events has made him a unique example of a star and a world-class dancer.
His ability to gather great crowds and create enthusiasm is reinforced by the gala Roberto Bolle and Friends which includes a splendid group of étoiles who travel Italy and worldwide.
Roberto selects only the best dancers in the world who have reached international fame to perform in his gala.
This event offers the unique occasion to admire many of the most famous dancers in the world on stage.
The beauty of this occasion is that the audience experiences the diverse techniques, schools and styles of these many world-class dancers. The program of the Gala changes with each performance, but the dancers always perform pieces ranging from much-loved classical repertoire to modern and contemporary ballets.